Sunday, February 7, 2010


This recession could be a permanent one. Don't believe me? Ever hear of peak oil?

The economy (or dollars spent on all goods and services consumed) is an approximation of how much natural resources are exhausted by humans.

The size of the economy is sometimes referred to as the GDP.

If the economy isn't growing, it is referred to as a recession.

The men behind the curtain (elite bankers) controlling their media puppets know that fossil fuel energy is running out.

They know that we cannot extract energy any faster even if we wanted to because fossil fuels are drying up.

The economy requires energy. Every transaction of a good or service requires energy. Without increasing the rate of energy extraction, the economy cannot grow.

When the economy lacks sufficient energy to grow, the human footprint cannot expand.

If the population grows when the human footprint or GDP doesn't, then each person is forced to make do with less.

The men behind the curtain want you to believe that:

a) energy is unlimited and that overpopulation is not a problem
b) if the economy doesn't grow it isn't due to lack of energy, it is due to poor financial management or some political bad actor
c) humans are changing the climate by burning fossil fuels
d) greenhouse gas emissions are growing and this growth needs to be stopped and can be stopped without reducing population growth or economic growth

All four of these media messages are false.

So the inevitable future is that the men behind the curtain will impose a carbon tax on you.

They will use their media to tell you that the carbon tax is necessary to save the world from climate warming and increased parts per million of C02.

Nevermind the fact that as CO2 increases, plant life flourishes.

Nevermind the fact that a warmer climate can support more bioproductivity.

Nevermind the fact that the media has not yet shown any real evidence that the earth's climate is warming instead of cooling.

The men behind the curtain will attempt to hide the fact that peak oil will force you to pay more to consume less.

The media will try to conceal overpopulation and energy depletion.

They'll say that the reason most people's standard of living has gone down is because we must save the planet by reducing atmospheric C02.

Then you can feel good about shivering in your house when you are unable to afford enough natural gas to keep warm in the winter.

Because after all, you are helping to avoid reaching a tipping-point level of CO2, right?

Brishen Hoff

© November 25, 2009

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