Sunday, February 7, 2010


Leah Durant of the Progressives for Immigration Reform introduces a PC pea-brain to the concept of carrying capacity. The truth is, it is the population-deniers who are the "extremists", for they have an extreme disregard for an extremely serious environmental problem----overpopulation. And public opinion polls would suggest that it is those who deny the danger of runaway population growth who are on the margin of thinking. Ms. Durant's letter to Ms. Mehta and Imagine 2050 could serve as a generic response to any of the Green-Left McCarthyist ilk. To the human rights crusaders, the smear-artists of Southern Poverty Law Centre and the Sierra Club leadership who have tried to hide the elephant in the room behind a screen of falsehoods.

The truth is that a growing proportion of those whom they presume to speak for, the ethnic minorities, themselves favour immigration cut-backs. Just as Barbara Jordan fought to maintain African-American living standards against the competition of imported cheap labour, Cesar Chavez stood at the Mexican border to stop cheap labour from Mexico from undercutting the gains made by Mexican-Americans. And nearly half (46%) of Hispanics in Arizona voted in favor of Proposition 200 to deny government services to illegal aliens. Meanwhile, Yeh Ling-Ling, a Chinese-American, has worked within and without the Sierra Club to fashion a "diversity coalition" against mass immigration. More and more, the spectrum of opinion about immigration among ethnic voters and recent immigrants or children of recent immigrants is closely resembling the range of opinion among native born Americans of the mainstream culture. Ethnic separatists from La Raza to the white nationalists may come to realize, too late no doubt, that the balance of power between ethnic lobbies is largely irrelevant in a nation in serious overshoot. When aquifers are dry and the mined out soils of the farm belt cannot yield crops in the absence of fossil fuel based fertilizers, and living standards have collapsed, your standing in the ethnic pecking order will seem like a quaintly trivial concern. Under the rubble of Port-au-Prince, victims of African, European and Asian descent have discovered the fundamental equality that an ecological meltdown and energy shortfall will impose on all of us. The polarities of left and right, white and black, business and labour are largely meaningless in this context, except of course to those who wish to exploit them to deflect attention from the major task at hand: Getting the numbers down. (see correspondence below---note, feel free to respond to Mehta and Imagine 2050 with your own comment).

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