Monday, February 8, 2010


When ever I become too angry at the Harper government, all I need to do is listen to somebody from the Liberals or the NDP. It puts things in some perspective. Case in point, the issue over Haiti.

Liberal leader Ignatieff has given us a window into how quickly Canada would be deluged with refugees if he was Prime Minister. He wants to broaden the categories of people who can be sponsored under family reunification so that Canadians from Haiti can sponser brothers, sisters, etc etc. Deportations of cheaters would cease and all applications would be expedited. Of course, this is an exceptional circumstance. Or is it? If the kind of open borders policies and rule changes that Ignatieff favours were implemented for Haiti, a precedent would be set. Disasters like this will come with increasing regularity when rising oill prices will spark food riots and resource wars. And who knows what global warming will bring. How could Canada say no to the Philippines, or Ethiopia or the Pacific Islanders if we it said "yes" to the Haitians??? And once society has passed an ethnic tipping point, who could marshall the political support to shut the door? Coming catastrophes could double Canada's population in a decade if the bleeding heart coalition assumes officy.

Conservative Immigration Minister Jason Kenny rightly pointed out that Ignatieff's proposed "ad hoc" changes cannot be permitted to substitute for policy. In the face of the culture war being waged by the CBC and its farm team, the Carleton School of Journalism and academic institutions across the country, Kenny seems to be intent on holding the line. He has been making intelligent noises in recent months about ethnic indigestion, that is, the fact that New Canadians not are not integrating into Canadian society and about the need to assert Canadian core values. There is some indication that reading beneath the lines, Kenny has some concept of developing policy that fits Canadian interests rather than the wants of the immigration industry. Our immigration levels are still far too high, but when you listen to Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, or anyone in the NDP caucus, you realize how much worse they would be if the Liberals or New Democrats were running the show. God save us from proportional representation.

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