Sunday, February 7, 2010



If you want to preview the history that is now unfolding, read Raspail's Camp of the Saints. If Haitians are admitted in any significant volume, the precedent will have established. The intellectual resistance to further waves of destitute humanity will have been broken.

Camp of the Saints: "Synopsis: The French media encourage compassion for a shipful of the poverty-stricken dregs of humanity from somewhere. Those most responsible for the government's welcoming the refugees to land and accept French benevolence make good their own escape to Switzerland. One boatload of refugees begets another. The French are over-run."

First out of the starting gate to open Canada's flood gates was Opposition and Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatief, ever mindful of the ethnic vote and playing to the Haitian peanut gallery in Quebec. He urged the government to expedite visas to Haitian visitors and most omnously, "end deportations". Who said cheaters never prosper? Successful revolutions are all about kicking down a rotten door. Our door was made rotten by decades of poltically correct curricula in the universities, colleges and journalism schools. Two generations of leaders, teachers, politicians and media commentators were schooled in the lies of cultural relativism, historical revisionism and western self-loathing. Ecological Sustainability 101 was not a prerequisite to their advancement. This ground has already been covered by Bloom, Kimball, Lind and many others. Just as the will to fight the Germans was weakened in France in the 30s, the will to defend our borders seems fatally absent---at least among those in power or influence. I despair at the prospect of an unimaginable deluge. Once within our gates, the drawbridge will remain down for incoming millions of so called "environmental " refugees, and the Greens will wave them through. Too late the slumbering masses will realize that Canada cannot be, as that winning slogan for the National Post said, "Home to the World". Finally awakened, it is doubtful that they will have the numbers or the organization savy to marshall an effective counter-attack. The ethno-cultural lobby can command a more cohesive vote than any lobby fashioned by native-born Canadians to advance their interests. Even now, our elected politicians bend to their will.

I should have been born two decades earlier. I don't want to live to witness this.

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