Sunday, February 7, 2010


Each month I will nominate pin-head whose exemplary idiocy is a role-model for the politically correct everywhere. May I present Irene Mathyssen, the NDP MP for London-Fanshawe. Or is it the MP for the Third World? Her support for the cultural dismemberment of our country (multicultural-schism), anti-racism (ie. anti-visible majority-ism), equity (ie. quota hiring and affirmative discrimination against Canadian-born white males), runaway population growth (ie. open borders), affordable housing (made too expensive by immigrant-fed urban growth), and unconditional foreign aid (ie. birth incentives) to countries intent on doubling their populations, is de rigeur for New Democrats. Especially for those who keeping mouthing the word "sustainable" when they actually mean cosmetic lifestyle changes in tandem with unchecked economic and population growth.

What makes Irene special is that she best represents what Garrett Hardin described as a "compassionate, shallow" thinker (and that is usuing the term very loosely). When Brishen Hoff told her that stabilizing and reversing the global population was essential to saving the environment, she replied that she opposed that opton because, to use her words, "There is no way humane way to limit population." Interesting logic that. Imagine a surgeon telling you that there was no humane way to remove the tumour that is going to kill you because it would be inhumane to inflict the post-op pain that you would suffer. The concept that overpopulation itself is inhumane was beyond the comprehension of this trained seal.

Irene Mathyssen
Member of Parliament, London–Fanshawe
Status of Women
Deputy Critic Public Safety

* Elected the Member of Parliament for London—Fanshawe in 2006
* Irene has served as an Ontario MPP and is a member of the Ontario Health Coalition
* She has worked to establish affordable housing, including working for a local tenant advocacy group
* She has worked to promote better childcare and not-for-profit daycare
* A committed community activist, she has been involved in the Pride and the London AIDS walk, the Women’s Community House, the London Coalition Against Pesticides and the Coalition of Canadian Immigrants
* A former English teacher, Irene supports student clubs and activities designed to educate and motivate students about multi-cultural, anti-racism and equity issues

Parliament Hill:
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6
1700 Dundas Street
London, Ontario
N5W 3C9
Telephone: (519) 685-4745
Fax: (519) 685-1462

Next to be profiled: Carol James, leader of the BC NDP, who declared that "we must grow our revenues" to pay for an endless shopping list of social programs in the teeth of the collapse of the fossil fuel economy which she doesn't see coming (you need to read to know that). The concept that we should instead slash spending and shrink government and encourage self-reliance and responsibility is an option outside of the ideological box. Growing government and increasing our dependence on it is the "progressive" agenda, don't you know. Government will always be there for us, as it was during Katrina.

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