Sunday, February 7, 2010


"Friends of Canadian Broadcasting" has sent me their latest bulletin, "Stephen Harper's secret plan to destroy the CBC". It must be read to be believed. Their name, of course, is a misnomer. In actuality the "Friends of Canadian Broadcasting" are "The Friends of the CBC". And the "Canadian" broadcasting they speak of, if one samples the CBC, is the voice of globalism. Canada as seen through the prism of New Canadians and the 5th columnists who pose as journalists and hosts. Their slogan says it all. "Hands Off our CBC!". Pardon me, "our" CBC? CBC Pravda? The mouthpiece of PC Multicultural Growthist propaganda?

These folks are in a lather because American programs are supplanting "Canadian" programs? Programs like "Little Mosque on the Prairie'? Or Mark Kelly's formulaic portraits of heroic failed refugee claimants on the lamb who are struggling to put food on the table while they undercut Canadian jobs? In the context of a massive cultural makeover by third world immigration, it is surreal that this politically correct lobby is carrying on their quaint crusade against "Americanization". Mass immigration is stealing Canadian culture from under their feet and they are training their pop guns on a target that was fashionable in the early 1970s but ridiculously irrlevant now. Why is "Jeapordy" or "The Wheel of Fortune" a bigger threat to my way of life than an installment from Radio Singapore or a South African soap opera? And why do we need a CRTC or any state funded agency to make our choices for us? If Canadian content is that good, why does it require protection? Artsy-fartsies raised a storm about Harper's cutbacks in arts funding before last year's election. But why should my tax dollars be spent subsidizing the art of a bohemian druggie or a struggling actor any more than subsidizing professional sport? Would it not be more just to reduce our taxes so that we may vote, with our extra cash, for the culture that we find worthy? Do we need a government bureaucrat to tell us what is or is not "art"? Real Canadian talent can thrive in any marketplace on its own steam.

Take a look at the programs which cable and satellite companies offer. We are not permitted to cherry pick just those channels which we prefer. Instead we must choose packages or bundles of channels. Within each package of 4-6 channels, there exists some that we prefer, and others that we do not. So for 90 channels that I did not want I paid $73 a month for the 10 that I did want. The satellite TV companies presented me with the same limited option. Why? Because of the CRTC's requirement for companies to meet Canadian content regulations, Canadian programs had to be dispersed amongst the 15 packages to ensure their exposure. So I terminated my TV reception.

Nevertheless, there are some Canadians who believe that without CRTC regulations and the CBC in particular, Canadian culture would die. Fair enough, then showcase Canadian culture on the CBC. But leave politics out of it. I fail to see why I should pay $35 a month so that the CBC can become an instrument of politically incorrect news misinformation and growthist propaganda.

The "Friends of Canadian Broadcasting" invites comment. Then let's give it to them. Let us recount, for their edification, our fruitless attempts to remedy CBC bias by playing according to their rules. That is, by running our complaints past brain-dead, politically correct producers, only to be referred to the CBC Omsbudsman. The object is to eat up the clock and our exhuast our patience. And it works.

The "Friends of Canadian Broadcasting" maintains that "Canadian" culture and the CBC", which they assume to be synomynous, are "worth fighting for". It must be kept strong against "Disney, Hollywood and our enemies within." But "our enemies from within" are found in the graduating classes of the Carleton School of Journalism and the like who serve as the farm time of cultural Quislings in the CBC who have turned a tax-payer funded broadcaster into the propaganda arm of the Immigration Industry. "Canada's Voice" is in fact the voice of imposed foreign colonization and growthism. Canada is not a merely the sum total of imported cultures or a microcosm of the United Nations, it is something home-grown and and native-born. But that is a constituency that these "Friends" and their politically correct mouthpiece, the CBC, will not represent.

Tim Murray
December 1/09

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Caroline said...

Don't forget the CBC is also the unofficial sports network in Canada, if you live in a remote area and you only watch CBC, half of that programming is dedicated to sports anyways, so it is subsidizing sports as well. And if they get rid of the CBC really it is not going to be much of a loss at all, I've figured this one out a long time ago, the radio programming sucks, the programs that actually play music suck with no real dj talent hosting any of the CBC shows.And I've figured it out too there is a politically correct agenda in operation at the CBC with the Toronto branch being the worst of all of them. Yes no comments about immigration are allowed on the posts, they will not be published. Yes CBC has an agenda,its obvious, and it isn't one that serves you and me.