Sunday, February 7, 2010

When is foreign aid going to be made contingent on curtailing reproduction?

On CNN last night, MOnday, Soledad O'Brien said that there were 380,000 babies & children in orphanages in Haiti BEFORE the earthquake.

Most of the world's Aid agencies had a presence in Haiti BEFORE the earthquake. It is clear then that they hve made no effort to link Aid with access to contraception. Haiti in other words was a breeding factory. The figures I have seen are that 80% of its peope are unemployed ( more time to breed)

Janet Napolitano has said ( in todays NYT) that Haitian children who are eligible for adoption will be allowed into the U.S.

When are we going to press these Agencies to make Aid contingent on curtailing reproduction???

mary delavalette

MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY. The CBC reported this morning that one million Haitian children were now orphans---implying that this was the result of the earthquake. Well, now CNN says that one-third of Haitian children were already orphans. What is the greatest disaster---this quake or ongoing decades of overpopulation due to our birth incentive programs (aka as unconditional aid)? Many buildings came down because the country is too poor to adhere to strong building codes. Why are they too poor? Corruption? Incompetence? Lack of education? There are many factors, but the one factor that should be most obvious is overpopulation. Should be---- but isn't, at least not to the media. Overpopulation not only ravishes the environment but diverts spending toward providing infrastructure. What kind of compassion is it that throws money at a problem without addressing its root causes? "Christian" compassion. Human rights compassion. Misguided compassion. Is the object to solve the problem or feel good about yourself for making a donation? Don't answer that. That is what contemporary do-goodism is all about, or so it seems. That is what soft-green environmentalism and green living is largely about too.

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