Sunday, February 7, 2010


Green whores will find other sponsors

Re. The financial troubles of an egomaniacal billionaire patron

So poor Mr. Moneybags finds himself in an "illiquid" position and can no longer pay hush money to the Sierra Club . That was $47 million in the last four years on top of the $100 million he paid them to remain mute about immigration some years before that. My heart bleeds for both of them.

The Sierra Club, north and south of the 49th parallel, is a corrupt money-grubbing corporate lackey, like other mainstream green NGOs, whose primary interest is securing and expanding their donor base on behalf of a self-serving bureaucracy. Their "environmental" agenda is prioritized according to what will entice financial support. Hence their now almost complete fixation on climate change at the expense of less sexy but more critically imminent problems like the collapse of biodiversity services and peak everything. Dramatic pictures of collapsing ice shelves and drowning polar bears provoke the interest of potential donors more than the mundane tribulations of species who are being bulldozed out of their homes or poached every day. And notice that the save-the-poster-child species of the month---the Great Spirit Bear, the Rocky Mountain Cariboo, etc.----are always so stunningly photogenic but the slimy and tiny critters of equal or greater importance to the eco-system are not put out by the shop window to be used as a recruiting or fund-raising tool. It is all about money.

Bottom line, take out the Godfather of Open Borders David Gelbaum and there is a ton of corporate money out there to take his place. Just take a look at Christine MacDonald's "Green Inc" and you will appreciate the scale of the corporate penetration of the environmental movement. These people are not environmentalists in any authentic sense. They are careerists and opportunists. Entrepeneurs who market themselves as Green Crusaders. They are the Marshall Petains of our cause, the green collaborators who turn a blind eye to the ecological impact of mass immigration in order to remain in the good books of their corporate benefactors. They are the Kapos who help to organize the wildlife holocaust. I reject the label of "environmentalist" for this reason.

An "environmentalist" attempts to manage the environment to accomodate a growing human population. But a Malthusian attempts to manage a growing human population to accomodate the environment. Environmental NGOs are growth-managers. And growth-managers are growth-enablers. Every dollar donated to an environmental organization is a dollar not donated to a population-reduction group. Every minute of time volunteered to a green quisling organization is a minute lost to the true cause of defending biodiversity.

The most dangerous enemy is not the one who faces us. Not the CEO in a three-piece suit, but the enemy at our backs. He is the self-righteous soft green politically correct hypocrite who decoys sincere dupes toward less consequential symptoms rather than the root cause of our ecological crisis---overpopulation. His proper place is not at the end of a CBC microphone but at the end of a noose of piano wire hung from a lamp post like Il Duce, or roasting on a spit glistening with the lacquer of my putrid piss. Traitors deserve nothing less.

Do you sense my rage and contempt?

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