Friday, October 23, 2009


Mortgage your house and send your donations to the Conservative incumbent Gary Lunn. This woman must be stopped. Better to have an enemy that is upfront upon his agenda---GROWTH----than a “growth-manager” who favours an immigration quota 25% upon the Harper government’s outrageous level. Elizabeth May has taken the Green Party down the same hypocritical open-borders road that she took the Sierra Club. 56% of Green Party voters in an internal poll taken in late 2004 favoured a Population Plan for Canada, which under section 5, included immigration reduction. The Green Party hierarchy ditched the policy and the experiment in grassroots democracy that approved of it. The majority of the rank and file of the Green Party would support our agenda, but the Pied Piper of counterfeit environmentalism, the globalist American √©migr√©, Elizabeth May, wants to accelerate the destruction of both the cultural and biological heritage of Canada. Only her defeat will make it possible for the Green Party to move in the direction that its name implies.

On the other hand, Saltspring Island deserves a quisling moron of her caliber. It is the home of the granola green yuppies and New Age flakes who believe that “love” and “non-violence” will somehow banish scarcity. The rich Albertans and urban exiles on Saltspring can, wearing her badge, continue to enjoy their extravagant lifestyle, their mega homes and foreign vacations, but feel good about themselves with cosmetic genuflections to sustainable living. Replace your old lights with CFLs and recycle your garbage and voila, “look at me, I’m green”.

Resident billionaire John Lefebvre, indicted on criminal charges of internet gambling in America, is a key supporter and benefactor of the David Suzuki foundation. His home was the venue for an international meeting on the environment in January of 2009 hosted by the Great Man Himself, His Holiness David Suzuki, father of five ecological footprints. Participant Bill Ryerson flew across the continent to get a chance to make a case that “Hey, overpopulation has at least SOMETHING to do with climate change and environmental degradation, people.” He barely got a word in, and it was at the very end of the conference. No one on that island has a clue about the meaning of sustainability it seems. The hotel that we were staying displayed cards in each room that boasted that the hotel, like other island establishments, was “green”, because it followed the prescriptions of the Holy Trinity---Conserve, Re-use, and Re-cycle. Meanwhile, the planners attached to Islands Trust, the governing body of the island, have hatched a plan to hike the population from its current 10,000 to a stratospheric 18,000. Do any of these ‘green’ businesses raise the alarm? Not in your life. Population growth is good for business—especially for the 50 real estate sharks who circle every tourist with out-of-province licence plates on his SUV. And in the world of Elizabeth May, the David Suzuki Foundation and the soft greens of Saltspring Island, you can have the best of both worlds. Growth and a “clean” environment. 4,000 sq. foot waterfront homes, $30,000 cars, exotic vacations and a sustainable society at the same time. They are rootless cosmopolitans, they love the world but hate Canada and what it once stood for. Open the floodgates and share the bounty, that is, your bounty. Canada---“Home to the world”.

We have one ace in the hole. Wildlife artist and long-time Saltspring resident Robert Bateman. He is a dedicated and authentic environmentalist, a courageous opponent of population growth globally and in Canada, and has boldly stated his position on one of his websites. His mere celebrity should force the attention of Elizabeth May, who might experience an epiphany if she listens to him. One can always hope. But I am betting that I will see the Second Coming before that happens.

Tim Murray
September 8/09

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