Friday, October 23, 2009


This is demagoguery at its finest. The late Senator Ted Kennedy, author of the watershed Immigration Bill of 1965, a bill which effectively added 100 million more consumers to America, increasing its collective footprint by 33%, kisses up to an Hispanic rally in Washington, DC in 2006.

Notice how he hits all the right buttons. Hard work. Love of family. The American dream. And standing up for “our” faith, that is Roman Catholicism. Dear God, those anti-Americans in Congress who oppose us even say that priests are criminals for helping illegal immigrants. They say “report to deport”. I say “report and become American citizens!” Rapturous applause.

Kennedy invoked Martin Luther King, who, he pointed out, spoke not far where this rally was taking place, and promised that one day freedom would reign in America. And one day freedom would come to the illegal aliens in America too, the Senator promised. One champion he did not refer to, however, was Caesar Chavez, a hero of Mexican Americans, who in his time, stood at the border to oppose the entry of illegal immigrants from Mexico. Chavez recognized that they threatened the livelihoods of the Mexicans who had come to America legally and worked hard to establish themselves as law-abiding citizens. Nor did Kennedy mention that African Americans are the biggest victims of the illegal invasion, as it is their low paying jobs which have been displaced in greater numbers by the invaders than any other sector of American society. The late African American Congresswoman Barbara Jordan may have been at the King rally forty years ago, but if she had been alive in 2006, she certainly would not have been at this Washington rally cheering on Senator Quisling and his vision of America, which, after all, citing his brother John, was “a nation of immigrants.” That’s odd, I was under the impression that most of the people resident in the United States were born there. About 88% of them in fact. But then, they don’t count. They won’t work for indecent wages.

When Kennedy ended his speech here, he screamed out that “I stand with you, and you, and you!!!!” But he has never stood for the native born workers of American, 5 million of whom lost their jobs in the Bush era to the squeeze play of out-sourcing and the cruel competition of cheap foreign labour. Nor did he stand up for the environment, notwithstanding the environmental protection measures he fought for, for it is the environment which has also born the brunt of the runaway immigrant-driven population growth that his 1965 bill inaugurated. While it broke down discriminatory walls against the entry of good people from non-European lands, it carried within it a fatal flaw. Chain migration. For every immigrant who came in through the third world door, a dozen relatives not of the immediate family were able to follow. In one example, cited by a documentary, one Korean immigrant generated, through sponsorship, some 59 other immigrants. Kennedy never revisited that legislation to plug that gaping hole. And why would he? When he looked upon that crowd in Washington, he saw votes. In his words, “I see our immigrant future”. A future, no doubt, where, with a solid bloc of Hispanic citizens behind him, his Democratic Party would have a lock on power. The new Amnesty Bill would determine “the future of our economic growth”

Population and economic growth. More and more jobs for hard working people of faith. A vision of unending plenty and fecundity that somehow the Senator and his liberal allies found compatible with their clean environment agenda and pro-Kyoto aspirations. In the cornucopian liberal-left world view, life is never about limits, it is about growing limits, baking a larger economic pie which more and more folks, especially the foreign poor, can share if only it is distributed fairly and equitably.

It is a vision that if dressed up in the clothing of human rights, can beguile a crowd and confuse the issue.

Kennedy was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Best friend that the ADM Corporation, Microsoft and cheap labour employers ever had.

It might have been better had he never been born.

Tim Murray
Sept. 4/09

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