Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Good Shepherd Is Calling Me Home

The Good Shepherd is Calling me Home

I was a sheep who lost his way but now the Good Shepherd is calling me home.

At last, at long last, I have found it. After decades of aimless wandering, of searching for answers to unanswerable questions, I broke down, fell on my knees and begged for forgiveness. Then I invited Charles Darwin into my heart. It was at that moment that I surrendered my fate to His will. In return He has given me the strength I needed to roll over and surrender to my fate as an inconsequential member of a doomed species on a doomed planet in a universe that will implode and compress everything into an infinitesimally small hole. I think cosmologists are calling it “smart growth”. High density living—an environmentalist’s dream---will finally be realized.

My Lord Darwin made me realize that like the rest of humanity, I am at a crossroads. One road leads to my imminent extinction, while the other leads to total despair. I know that Charles Darwin will inspire me to make the right choice. I feel rejuvenated, born again. With a renewed sense of meaninglessness and lack of purpose, I feel impelled to go out in the world and share the Good News that there is no hope, no durable legacy. All of my good works and all the artifacts of civilization will be reduced to nothing. The pyramids, the Great Wall of China, the Mona Lisa and everything I said to my Aunt Monica will be no more and no evidence will exist that they actually existed.. Ground to dust and incinerated by the supernova to come. That’s if a thermonuclear war, another K 2 event, climate change or peak everything doesn’t get to us first. We will take our place in the fossil record of failed prototypes, and then even those imprints will be wiped from memory by a cataclysmic event.

Yes, it is all beginning to make no sense to me now. Everything is as clear as mud. My life has served no good (or bad) purpose. And neither has yours either, you miserable and insignificant worm---- so relax and feel at one with an eventually collapsing universe beyond your pitifully feeble comprehension.

Hallelujah, peace at last, peace at last. Thank an imaginary God in heaven--- peace at last!

Tim Murray
October 23/09

PS Unfortunately my evangelism will need funding. I am not interested in your money, so don’t bother to forward any of it to Box 433, Hamilton, Bermuda. I will repeat that, don’t send your money to Box 433, Hamilton, Bermuda. But I should point out that Darwin takes Visa or Master Card, and He will be temporarily resident at the above address.

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