Friday, October 23, 2009


Dear Mr. Murray.
My name is Jose (name witheld) I am the son of a Spanish Immigrant. My father fled Spain in his youth from the tyranny of General Franco. I am at times sure that I`m losing my mind when I read articles such as yours about the CBC or as I prefer to call it Communist Bull Crap.
It gets me so angry listening to these twits talk about Canadian Culture. Having been to Spain I know without a doubt that I`m not a Spaniard like my father, I share some eating habits and maybe some cultural idiosyncrasies with the Spanish that my Canadian country men don`t have. But trust me I`m Canadian. I`ve travelled to Egypt, United Arab Emirates and to Holland as well as various US states. I have lived in Vancouver and well seen most of our Nation. If CBC and the ``liberal`` twits don`t know what Canadian culture is it`s for two reasons; they don`t want to or they are fools and don`t talk to the locals at home, or abroad.
Keep up the good work defending our shared history and pride.


Letters from Canadians like Jose have come to me from across Canada, thanks to Peter Brimelow and Vdare. They echo the same sentiments that I heard from immigrants who wrote in support of my articles in Canada Free Press against Official Multiculturalism and the purpose it served (swelling corporate profits). Immigrants and the sons of immigrants once clearly acknowledged the existence of a uniquely “Canadian” culture. Until recent decades, their attitude has been to unreservedly embrace it---in the same fashion that my mother’s side of the family did. But third world immigrants have been told by governments, employers and the media that they need not adapt, integrate or assimilate, because our culture is only a mosaic of imported values. In fact, we as native Canadians have no right to “impose” any standards or requirements upon those who, one might have thought, tacitly accepted the rules of the game by willingly coming here. After all, post-1990 immigrants were not dragged here from slave ships.

More offensive than the arrogant attitudes of contemporary immigrant services advocates and multiculturalists though, is the attitude of politicians from whom they take their cue. The message of Official Multiculturalism is that people long resident in Canada have no right to determine the course of their country. In effect, we are not a sovereign nation, but “Home to the World”, where newcomers will not only be made to feel at home but set the house rules as well. And the media and the school curricula have been recruited in the propaganda effort to inculcate defeatism and acceptance among the younger generations. How then, in such a political climate, can we construct any policies that are designed to serve Canadian interests, when Canadians are indoctrinated to believe that there is no “Canada” or “Canadianism”? “What is a Canadian anyway?” is now a standard phrase in our national dictionary. How can we “stand on guard” for a country that is only a fiction, or lock the door on a house that, we are led to believe, belongs to the whole neighbourhood? How can we achieve sustainability when, according to the Ministry of Relative Truth---the CBC---we have no moral right to limit our numbers?

Tim Murray

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