Friday, October 23, 2009

Question about Norman Borlaug

I will put it to you. Would it not have been better if Norman Borlaug had never been born? Ditto the architects of cruel compassion like Geldoff and Christian overseas charities? If Mother Nature had the franchise, would she cast her vote for the Borlaug-Geldoff ticket or the Hitler-Stalin (or Mao-Pol Pot or Genghis Khan-Ivan the Terrible ticket?) Is this lethal combination of do-goodism and technological advance the best result for humanity, ultimately? When we go to a city park, we are enjoined “Not to feed the animals”. Is it truly compassionate to keep feeding any species that, given an abundant food source, will not stop over-breeding? How about signs that read, “ Attention Oxfam, Don’t Feed Humans.” “Don’t mow down trees and fill in wetlands to grow more food to feed more human breeders”????

Nature is our life-support system, screw with it, and it comes back to bite you, big time.

I know what my answer is, and it is unequivocal. What is yours?


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