Friday, August 21, 2009


Just as Central Asia gave Europe the Bubonic Plague, and Central Africa gave us AIDS and the Ebola virus, Canada gave the world the state ideology of multiculturalism. As it is our incubus, then it is fitting that it should be defined by us. So according to the dictionary of Immigration Watch Canada:

“MULTICULTURALISM: A term used to refer to the phenomenon, in Canada, of promoting, among immigrants, the retention of their own cultural practices. It also refers not only to the different ethnic backgrounds of many people in Canada, but to the growing number of those backgrounds.

Multiculturalism has been widely criticized. Some critics have said that multiculturalism requires a continuous inflow of immigrants in order to survive. If multiculturalism is to continue, immigration (particularly high and unnecessary immigration) must continue. As some critics have said, Canada's multiculturalist policies are a prescription of what Canada will become, not a description of what we are.

Multiculturalism has positive connotations for some, but for many Canadians, it is a euphemism and a disguise for a continuation of Canada's present unprecedented, unremitting high immigration levels. In fact, one critic has said that continued, high immigration levels are the oxygen for multiculturalism. Without continued high immigration, multiculturalism would die the death it richly deserves.

To others, the words "multiculturalism" and "diversity" are the positive-sounding "artillery" used against an unsuspecting Canadian public to get them to accept unjustified immigration. In other words, these terms are more examples of the deceit used to perpetuate high immigration levels.”

So while high immigration levels breathe life into multiculturalism, multiculturalism, or the quest for “cultural diversity”, justifies high immigration levels. Mass immigration is, in the words of Green Party leader Elizabeth May, “Canada’s great project”. A project of cultural balkanization and colonization of urban Canada and the attendant loss of farmland and wildlife to the population growth that results from it. Cultural diversity comes at the cost of biological diversity. To corporate Canada its apostles are what Stalin said of Western fellow travelers: “useful idiots”--- who give developers and cheap labour employers a smokescreen to pursue naked greed.

Tim Murray
August 21/ 2009

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