Sunday, August 9, 2009

Be It Resolved

That Canada reject applications for immigration from any country that does not implement firm family planning measures and endeavour to achieve a total fertility rate of below replacement level.

Furthermore, be it resolved that Canada make its displeasure with the relaxation of the One-Child-Per-Family rule in Shanghai known by barring entry to immigrants from that country until the OCPF law is restored in that region.

Canadian foreign aid will also be dispensed or withheld according to these principles.

PS: One small hitch. Canada, with the highest population growth rate in the G8 group, the second highest per capita immigration rate in the world, generous child benefits and birth incentives, a per capita GHG emissions level of 23 metric tonnes per annum, the king of waste and bad planning---is among THE WORST EXAMPLES OF ECOLOGICAL IRRESPONSIBILITY ON THE PLANET. Ours could only be a “Do as we say, not as we do” approach. An approach that is totally lacking in credibility.

Only by cleaning up our own act can we exert any positive leverage for change in the world.

Stabilize and reduce our own population first, then go on the road with our sustainability act. Don’t hold your breath.

Tim Murray
July 27/09

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