Sunday, August 9, 2009


Last year I wrote two articles detailing how Big Corporate Money favoured “the party of the working class and the poor”---the Democrats---- and that for every two dollars Wall Street firms gave to the Obama campaign, three dollars went to McCain.

Wall Street, far from being a stronghold of "rich Republicans" and "laissez-faire capitalists," is actually dominated by liberal Democrats.
Consider the following facts and statistics:

• According to an analysis of Federal Election Commission records by the Center for Responsive Politics, the 2008 Obama campaign received $12.6 million from Wall Street "Securities and Investment" firms versus McCain's $7.9 million
• The top three corporate employers of donors to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Rahm Emanuel were Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and JPMorgan
• Employees of Lehman Brothers alone gave Obama $370,000, compared to about $117,000 to McCain. (No wonder Bush let them go under.)
• Since 1998, the financial sector has given a total of $37.6 million to Obama, compared to $32.1 million to McCain. But Obama ran for his first national office only in 2004. So McCain got less from the financial industry in a decade that included two runs for president than Obama did in four years.

At what point are people going to wake up and release that the Republicans and Democrats are tweedle-dumb and tweedle-dumber? At what point are they going to stop thinking in terms of stale old dichotomies between Republican plutocrats and Democratic lunch-bunkets? Rhetoric means zilch. The best friend of the working class is a tight labour market---not a President from the “Chicago” school. Fasten your selt belts and get ready for escalating growth from mass immigration and amnesty for illegals on a grand scale. Tim

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