Sunday, August 9, 2009

Seinfeld star Jason Alexander Speaks Out Against Overpopulation

One of the biggest green discussions we have in our home is about how we will never be able to really get control of the destruction of our planet's valuable resources until we realize that we have an enormous responsibility and obligation to control the size of the human population that is expanding at a rate never seen before in our history.
This planet was never intended to support the number of human beings we currently have residing on it.
As a result, natural lands and animal populations are disappearing—and rapidly. If we do not start to really understand this harsh reality and reverse it, our planet will not survive. At least not with a quality of life that anyone would wish for.
So our family talks about responsibility in family planning. We talk about replacing ourselves on this globe, rather than doubling or tripling our numbers. It is not an easy conversation. Life and families and babies are all joyous gifts. But if we do not begin to truly account for our numbers, we will surely create an ecological crisis that will only lead to anguish and despair."
—Actor Jason Alexander in The Daily Green

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