Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I have pointed out that America’s leading socialist, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, unlike Canada’s Jack Layton, has come out in favour of vastly restricting immigration. Mr. Layton wants to “jack” up immigration levels to at least 330,000 people per year, 80,000 higher than we presently have, all the while reducing our GHG emissions. He also apparently is in blatant disregard of a Statscan report this past summer that mass immigration is depressing Canadian wages. He no doubt prefers the cooked stats of left-wing think-tanks like the Centre for Policy Alternatives.

Well, Jack is not the only Canadian leader who compares unfavourably to foreign counterparts. The Green Party’s Elizabeth May supports immigration levels even higher than Layton. Why? How can an increased population base for this country be good for the environment? The environment, after all, is the raison d’etre of the “Green” Party of Canada, is it not?

Here’s what the leader of the AMERICAN Green Party said, the one person with more “environmental”-crusading credentials than anyone in the world, Ralph Nader:

"We cannot have open borders. That’s a totally absurd proposition. It would depress wages here enormously, and tens of millions of people from all levels, including scientists and workers, would be pouring into this country."

With a “racist” attitude like that, it is unlikely that Nader would be elected to any position in the Green Party or environmental NGO in Canada.

Tim Murray

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