Thursday, January 31, 2008



In arguing for more immigration a Maltese immigrant complained on the “Sounds Like Canada” program of Friday, January 25/08 that one or two maritime provinces were mostly white and that others were “even worse”. Typically, multicultural enthusiast and host Sheila Rogers did not challenge him for this outrageous racist statement.

One wonders how a CBC interviewer might react if a guest said that the downtown core of Regina was mostly aboriginal but other communities were “even worse”. Or that many districts in Greater Vancouver are predominantly Chinese but others, like Richmond, are “even worse”. When comments like these go by the board on the national broadcasting network, it is little wonder that so many politically correct bigots feel able to complain openly that their particular town is too “whitebread”.

I am a native-born Canadian of European ancestry and I am sick and tired of being made to feel that I am some kind of disease who should be made to feel perpetually guilty for my white skin and for the multitude of sins committed generations ago, a disease that needs to be cured by a massive foreign influx.

Insults directed at the national whipping boy, Canadians of white pigmentation, are not the way to build the harmony you claim to seek.

Tim Murray

Quadra Island, BC

Canada V0P 1N0

January 28/08

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