Wednesday, January 2, 2008


"We want Manitoba to be a place that promotes SUSTAINABLE GROWTH and a place that recognizes our lakes, rivers, and forests as our greatest assets." "Sustainable growth", what the hell is that? On a finite planet, in a finite nation, how can growth ever be sustained? I see that the NDP has adopted all the public relations cant designed to make us feel better about an agenda that more or less amounts to the same thing.

"Sustainable", "smart", "managed", "deflected", or "steered", growth is still growth and you can't cloak that with one of Lorne Calvert's "Green Strategy" or Jack Layton's "Green Agenda" labels. And BTW, you say you want Mantitoba to be a place that recognizes "lakes, rivers and forests as our greatest natural assets." My Collins dictionary defines an asset as "anything valuable or useful". The question is, useful to whom? To logging, mining and hydro-electric companies and property developers? Or to people who value them for themselves, who believe that Canada's natural endowments don't necessarily have to have a human utility?

It is apparent that Canadians live in a one-party state. From coast to coast, all political parties, including the Greens and the NDP, are committed to the ideology of Economic Growth. Attaching a green agenda to that ideology is an exercise in futility, contradiction and hypocrisy. The only issue that divides you is how equitably the economic "pie" are to be divided. All of you want to grow it. You are going to keep shovelling fuel into that runaway train until it runs right off the track.

Tim Murray

Quathiaski Cove, BC

V0P 1N0

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