Wednesday, January 2, 2008


We were told by Health and Welfare Canada that immigration could not reverse the inevitable aging of our population. The C.D. Howe Institute said the same thing. It is not the numbers of workers who support retirees which is important, but the productivity of those workers. And a non-growing population demands less spending on infrastructure and therefore allows more money available for spending on improved technology.

Meanwhile the Economic Council of Canada said that immigration was of no net ecomomic benefit to the country. A report by Dr. Grubel demonstrated that immigrants cost taxpayers over $18 billion more in benefits than they paid in taxes.

Given that population growth has lead to the loss of 18% of our Class 1 farmland in a nation of relatively poor soils and of which only 7% is arable. And that perhaps more than two thirds of endangered species are found with in the orbit of Canada’s major urban centres, threatened by sprawling subdivisions….One can only conclude:

Why environmentalists, Greens and social democrats or people who don’t own large factories would welcome mass immigration in this largely frozen landmass of tundra, mountains, lakes and rock cannot be explained by economics.

For that you need a psychiatrist.

Tim Murray,

Quadra Island, BC

December 23/07

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