Wednesday, January 14, 2009


In a nutshell: an authentic conservative, one who wishes to preserve nature and the best of the social order, must oppose corporate capitalism, which is inherently dynamic and subversive of things. In this opposition, he will find enemies both in the so-called "left-wing, progressive, feminist" camp and the so-called "conservative, right-wing growthist camp", which ironically work together, as a tag team in destroying our quality of life. The state was once regarded as our shield and agent of social and economic equity. In fact, it is a weapon of oppression and manufactured consent that the left unwittingly perpetuates by bloating it with the revenues of an unsustainable fossil fuel economy. When that economy collapses and nothing remotely adequate can substitute to support the bureaucratic and inefficient albatross we built, people will suddenly be forced to look to themselves for help. Then there will be the two real left/right options.

The right wing fantasy is every man for himself like the homesteader of Hollywood westerns. But the reality of survival will be the same as it really was a century or more ago. Cooperation between families in egalitarian communities that are more or less self-sufficient. That is the socialism Jack Layton and company should be talking about. Not encouraging people to become yet even more dependent on state services. More daycare space. More child care benefits. More injections for a broken health care model. More social programs. arts subsidies, multicultural services--- a shopping list confined only by the imagination . That is not empowering people, but disempowering them and making them helpless before the coming storm and long emergency. Rejection of the culture of dependency is the recipe for survival, better mental health and the preservation of what little is left of our natural environment.

That is the message I am trying to convey here and in the essays previous to that. If it is not clear, ignore them and let me try again. Or find someone who better articulates it. But please allow someone in some forum to present a social-conservative, anti-industrial, anti-globalist and anti-corporate-state-capitalist position that many people of my generation intuitively support. We know something has gone terribly wrong, and like Winston Smith, we know that the bad old days were not nearly as bad as the Ministry of Truth says they were in relation to the “liberation” that we enjoy now. We still believe in the same ideals, but know that nothing in any mainstream political program represents them. The state is no longer to be trusted. Don’t look to it for help or solutions. Shun it and those whose careers depend on its perpetuation. Abandon ship.

Tim Murray
January 2/09

“To fight those who would control me, I will happily foreclose any options to control them”. TM (Statement of Personal Principles).

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