Friday, January 2, 2009


Well, if the situation in Canada or California or Australia are how you describe it, they are not too different from European situation.Just during the Christmas weekend Lybia ( col. Gaddafi) has sent as present loads of illegal immigrants tightly packed into small boats, to the Isle of Lampedusa, 1.500 of them, to be precise.Just think of the accompanying Halleluja ! from the volontary associations like Caritas which administers Refugee Centres ( at a heavy cost to the State ) , from Churches and Parishes all over the country, which can now celebrate Xmas as the Fair of the Diverse Cultures , of Downtrodden Minorities.In some of the Churches the cradle was empty, no Baby Jesus, because it should have been occupied by an illegal immigrant, reading the Koran, of course.So, I am not surprised, only sad , because, while on one side of my consciousness I feel sorry for the poverty stricken immigrants, on the other I know that this is metastysing into a proper business , a commercial activity, fuelled by the madness of overpopulation in the sender countries.Every day we hear the story of Such and Such refugee who has to feed his -hers 5 children, and there's no question asked from the apless reporter , who presents this anomaly as a perfectly normal thing, maybe an example for us, stinky rich and selfish Western brutes.

And now, what about the guilty blindness of the media, the business community, even the environmental organisations, , who look the other way when not denying the problem or taking politics and economic advantage out of it ?I can see blame in the alliance with left-wing political parties that has not favoured the ecological movement but somehow diminished its appeal: I observe the steady decline of the "Green parties" in many parts of Europe. The environmental movement is mostly integrated or assimilated or identified, to parties's policies which use the environment, as convenience.The environmentalists play enthusiastically the part of the useful idiots in following left -wing policies that sought to introduce more immigrants into Europe, where the Left plays in tandem with the industrialists in search of cheap labour , a blatant moral contradiction. And so, environmentalism has become another political party, but with little political identity, therefore like any political party its first concern is self-preservation.The Left has cleverly hijacked the theories of environmentalism with a marriage with the Marxist theory of class exploitation and anti-imperialist struggle. Now we are fighting “ …capitalism …against the precariousness of labour and the concomitant exploitation of … human, animal and vegetal life. Animal rights constitute an essential part of the creation of a new possible order.” (From the Manifesto of Rifondazione Comunista, the Italian Neo-Communist Party) This is something completely new.

Supporting social and economic issues are not always consistent with the reason for the creation of the ecological movement. We must be beware of the loss of identity in striving for capturing the electorate, and not just one section, because the preservation of - what is left of the - environment must be the concern of ALL and that we must convey that message to everyone and not to just leftwingers. The problems are infinite, and they come to our shores from somewhere else, though we have some reason to be uneasy : One cannot cure such immense historical changes, like we cannot feed the poor children who didn’t ask to be born. Every help is doomed to failure by the sheer numbers of mouths to feed and bodies to care for, which grow every day, and destroy every corner of that nature which we try in vain to defend.

Is it the purpose of the Left to turn upside-down our way of life, with a relentless injection of alien cultures which will disintegrate societies. ? The maximalisation of poverty as the likelihood of social mayem will bring more votes for the Left.But what about the environmental movement? What we have to gain from new roads, transport, housing, educational confusion, pollution, , sanitation, social problems, etc..What Suzuki and others are doing, by turning their attention to light bulbs and such infantile remedies to enormous problems, is the confession of impotence. They do not know what to do. The problem isn't here and now, it is everywhere and comes from human behaviour. How do you regulate human behaviour which is embedded in ancestral customs?Nobody knows what to do. Or, yes, only the people that have something to gain from this spectacular collapse of values, know what to do : and "apres moi de deluge " !Poor environmentalists are left holding the candle, scared stiff to open their mouth in case they may lose some votes or their reputation of being "moderate" , and lose the patronage of more powerful sponsors, which require that they must shut up on matters that may affect the economy.

The environmental movement is obsessed and hostage to a sort of Leftwing moral threat: it is in fact anthropocentric to the core , and it is fearful of losing its base , which is more concerned with human rights than the environment.I know of Bill Ryerson work in Third Woeld Countries, to stem population growth though his Media Centre and the Method Sabido.It is a good idea which has won some success, but it is slow moving . Is it possible to introduce such program in Canada ? What would Mr.Suzuki say ? Would he then acknowledge that, yes, there's a problem ....?And would he be intelligent enough to recognise that we do not need immigrants, as soon our Western societies will introduce Robots who can substitute the workforce ? During my last visit to Japan I saw these critters, directing the traffic....nice job they did !Or will he fight a New Luddist Revolution?

Marisa Cohen, environmental activist and population stability campaigner based in Switzerland

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