Wednesday, January 14, 2009

NEWS FLASH TO CBC "GREEN LIVING" DRUM-BEATERS: A "Million Acts of Green" won't compensate for 33 Million Acts of Canadian Consumption

Mother Corp doesn’t get it. “A million acts of green” do not compensate for the collective consumption of 33 million Canadians and their act of breathing. Projecting the methodology of Chris Clugston’s “Societal Overextension Analysis” eco-footprint analysis of the United States ( upon Canada, 33 million Canadian Ghandis would have to suffice with the annual income of Cambodians ($1800). Unless they had the ambition to starve to death, the heating bill alone would absorb most of their income, and the world would not see many of them in loin cloths. Fur coats from dead animals might become fashionable again. But killing animals to wear their coats, while discarding the meat, seems too incongruous even for Greens.

Mother Nature doesn’t award brownie points, that is , “greenie” points, for virtuously austere living. It doesn’t care about boy scouts who follow the Bible of ‘green living”, or the multitude of ways for individuals and businesses to reduce, reuse and conserve their way to “sustainability”. Its scoreboard simply records Total consumption. Number of people times their individual consumption rates. That’s it.

Whether 33 million consumers live like Cambodians or whether there are only 1 million Canadian consumers left to consume at present levels is a matter of complete indifference to the environment. Take your pick. But one thing it is adamant about. For every extra Canadian, whatever his origins, consumption would have to be reduced in a measure equivalent to the contribution of the new Canadian. Within reasonable perameters, population and consumption are interchangeable qualia. One cannot enjoin to “conserve, reduce and re-recycle” while at the same time throw out the welcome mat to immigrants who will quadruple their GHG emissions or sire a litter of three more children, each of whom, as Canadians will emit 23 tonnes of green house gases annually and consume 3.7 million pounds of metals, minerals and fuels in his or her lifetime if present trends continue.

The limits of green lifestyle habits can be illustrated clearly by a study conducted by the Stockholm Institute that found that one new citizen either born or admitted as an immigrant to Britain, wiped out 80 lifetimes of responsible recycling. Put differently, a lifetime of responsible recycling would only make up for one and one-quarter per cent of the damage(as it relates to waste volume) done by a new citizen. Even if all of domestic waste was recycled, only 10% of the waste contributed by an additional citizen would be counter-acted. (
Yet everywhere now we are blitzed by Green Living propaganda from every angle. Environmental NGOs like the David Suzuki Foundation, a benefactor of the Royal Bank of Canada, a powerful lobbyist for dramatic increases in immigration, advise corporations on how they may “green” their company. They will tell them to ban styrofoam, install recycling bins in every room, buy disposable cups and paper plates, remanufactured toner cartridges, use renewable electricity, eco-friendly appliances and light bulbs, offer bicycle storage, reduce paper (while buying paper cups and plates), and choosing green business partners. But the David Suzuki Foundation will not tell businesses or anyone else to work for lower population levels because, as one of their representatives, stated, the DSF doesn’t have the resources to deal with the population issue. After all, folks, what does population growth in Canada or the world have to do with the environment? It only has to do with plans of big donors like the Royal Bank to vastly increase our population.
So instead of growing at 1.08 % per annum, the fastest population growth rate of all G8 countries, we will grow at 1.5% yearly but somehow reduce our collective ecological footprint by running around using paper cups, bicycles and florescent light bulbs. If businesses follow these green living prescriptions, according to the DSF, they will achieve several “competitive advantages”, including higher productivity from employees who become loyal and inspired from the cosmetic changes. Just what the Royal Bank wants to hear. It can go ahead and continue financing the development of the subdivisions that grow over Canada’s prime farm land thanks to runaway immigration quotas that the DSF and other environmental NGOs on the take will not question, but at the same time “Go Green” at the office and feel good about it too.
More than that, they have the taxpayer-funded State Propaganda Machine, the CBC, to befuddle the masses by disguising this ecological crime spree with a Green Fog of social responsibility that all patriotic Canadians now can be a part of. Business and government working hand in hand. A masterpiece of deception and collusion.

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