Friday, January 9, 2009


Get my drift? Reducing per capita consumption only makes sense if the population is stable or declining. Otherwise, you are pissing into the wind or spooning water out of a leaky boat.Brishen Hoff, January 7, 2009

Same can be said for recycling, re-using and conserving. That is why today was a landmark in my personal lifestyle. I came home from a lighting store with some conventional bulbs and yanked out the fluorescent ones. Especially the ones in the carport which, like the others, did not provide enough light for me to see what the hell I am doing.

Next step, bottles, plastics and paper all get tossed in with the regular garbage. F them. I used to be an avid recycler until October of 1991. That is when Barbara McDougall announced that she was jacking up immigration levels to stratospheric heights. Then I realized, what is the point? Why should I get in my car and make a 6 mile trip to the recycling yard when the government is undoing all my efforts by increasing the number of people who contribute to the landfill?

As Brishen said, “Idle your engines, gentlemen”. Green living is nonsense in the context of government-induced runaway population growth.

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