Sunday, January 11, 2009

NO MORE THE JANITOR FOR CORPORATE CANADA: Let Open Borders Advocates Clean Up The Mess

So, I WAS right then. Hummers ARE 3 times more environmentally friendly than a Toyota Prius. The same logic applies to meat consumption. GO FOR IT! Is our object to extend the life of an unsustainable system so as to buy MORE time for MORE homo sapiens to crowd out and annihilate MORE biodiversity? To kill off 80% of all life forms rather than 50% before we quit?

Let me put it another way. You are a waitress at a restaurant You strongly suspect that the customer you are serving is a serial killer and will go on to kill more and more people until the end of his natural life. He is too clever to be caught. But he is obese and there is hope that his murderous lifestyle will come to a sudden end with a heart attack. When he asks for a dessert suggestion, are you going to recommend a low-cal healthy snack, or a magnificently huge mound of ice cream topped with chocolate syrup? Promoting the longevity of killers, like the species that is killing off tens of thousands of other species every year, is not in the interest of our clients, or wards---wildlife (not WILD life, not domesticated animals).

The mania to cut per capita “waste” is no different than the austerity drives of the Second World War. My parents were told to cut their consumption so that the Canadian government could fight a war against Hitler. And the formula worked because they put 10% of our population in uniform and built the world’s third largest navy by wars’ end, besides a bomber force and planes for our allies. Now our war is against wildlife and whatever soil nutrients are left in the laughably tiny amount of good arable land that we have. Unfortunately, we are winning that war too, with the assistance of the hypocritical, cowardly, blood-sucking, money-grubbing corporate lackeys in the environmental NGOs like our dear Suzuki Foundation and the Sierra Club. I do hope that we lose that war, and that the victor is able to conduct a Nuremburg Trial to convict and hang every Green collaborator alongside his favourite corporate benefactor.

Where is the liberator going to come from though? Remember that Star Trek movie where an Intelligent Alien presence that was genetically related to the earth’s whales dropped in to see how they were faring under our custodial care? They got pissed off with Homo Sapien civilization and proceeded to wreck it. Count me in as a Fifth columnist in THAT invasion !

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