Saturday, February 21, 2009


I think, when this is done, that we should re-visit what I said in “The Old Boys Network”. Solomon Asch’s findings will come into play. I must open the whole question why Green Icons are locked into this mutual admiration society, swept off their feet in the presence of celebrities of their own social class, whom they feel most comfortable with. For them, meeting one of the Brotherhood Of Men Who Know Better is self-validation, it is looking in the mirror. To have a fellow Demi-God offer his name as an endorsement on the jacket of your new book is an accolade far more important to them than the support of the great unwashed.

Case in point. Bill Ryerson referred to Suzuki as “David” just after meeting him, and he presented the Asch hypothesis as alternative to my sordid revelations about Suzuki having been “bought off”. I told him that Canada has its David Gelbaums too, but they are powerful credit institutions not maverick billionaires. Now, yesterday, Ryerson’s bulletin features the 1992 Rio speech of Suzuki’s daughter, Severn. Severn is Suzuki’s star, his heir to the thrown. I sent Ryerson my essay of last August, the one you never commented on or printed, called “Severn Suzuki Did Not Invent Doomsday”, about how Severn’s west side life was vastly different than my working class east side life, and that she had no right to tell an international audience how “good” my life has been. Then I presented my essay, the one appended to it, about how I (and my generation) was terrorized by the threat of nuclear war, a threat that may yet materialize when the desperate scramble for resources ensues. “Confessions of a Cave Dweller”. Ryerson will likely never print that either. And now Robert Bateman just met with “David”. I still don’t have a report about that meeting. My fear is that David’s selective charm might have the same effect as Hitler did on our Prime Minister Mackenzie King. King was entranced by the Fuhrer’s graciousness and civility. ‘A reasonable fellow, that German Chancellor is.’ We after all, are members of the OLD BOYS CLUB. What Katherine Betts called THE NEW CLASS.

Charm, BTW, means squat to Mother Nature. She prefers an abrasive, gauche neo-Malthusian jerk to a cultured professor of urban planning and “smart” growth at UBC. Just ask Her in a decade or two, when she casts Her vote in the global referendum on over-shoot. Result: Humans, Ney, 8 billion. Mother Nature Yea. Winner Mother Nature. Gaia wins everytime.

I am beginning to appreciate Pol Pot now. First, cull the intelligentsia. The elite club of the Erudite Cosmopolitan Myopics and Quislings (ECMQ) who prefer to smooze with celebrities rather than roll up their sleeves and get down dirty in the trenches, at the grass roots level where the front line is. Who would Coulter prefer to speak to, a mass of protesters in Melbourne protesting growth, pickets protesting a new development that threatens kangaroos, or to a Premier holding a cocktail glass? If it is the latter, then he is a fully paid up member of the ECMQ club, one which includes our entire Green ‘intellegentsia’ in Canada. Even Farley Mowat has been corrupted, compromised and beguiled by the presence of a demi-goddess, Elizabeth May.

As I am tired of saying, our first stumbling block is not the developers, nor the ethnic spokesmen, nor any of the political parties. It is these revered green mouthpieces who capture our anger, our donations, our time and our energy and then use it strike up a mutual back-scratching bargain with our enemies on the QT. Therefore the Green Establishment IS our enemy. Our public enemy Number One. You can’t move forward until you turn and deal with the “friends” who are stabbing you in the back.

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