Tuesday, December 2, 2008

THROW EM' A LIFE PRESERVER: Don't Help Them Aboard Your Overcrowded Lifeboat

The United Nations would like Canada to commit .7% of its GDP to foreign aid. We can do better than that. We can stop wasting the 16% of our budget that we spend on immigration, which costs us according to Herbert Grubel, over 18 billion dollars a year, as much as we spend on health, and redeploy it on foreign aid. Foreign aid made conditional on family planning. This would relieve the pressure to emigrate to countries like Canada. .7% ? Try 7% maybe! Take a look at the staggering numbers that Frosty Wooldridge came up with for the United States. These are figures reminiscent of what Garrett Hardin wrote about. The notion that the United States can take in the world is truly fanciful.

In order to save all the suffering people of the world, the U.S. would have to immigrate 18 million people annually that starve to death worldwide. That’s eight million adults and 10 million children that die of starvation or related diseases annually! Can we save all of them? No! How about saving them in their own countries? How about helping them with water purification, farming techniques and family planning?
Beyond the sob stories and the human misery, those reporters never talk about the horrific impact of adding 2.4 million immigrants to the USA annually. Each one causes a 12.6 ‘ecological footprint’ whereby 12.6 acres of land must be destroyed to support that person. The average immigrant causes an immediate 10 times more negative impact to as high as 30 times more impact on our delicate environment. Each immigrant overloads our carrying capacity. Those people represent a growing hyper-population load on the United States that cannot be tolerated as we head into the “Post Oil Era” whereby we cannot support 300 million U.S. citizens and growing toward 400 million in 30 years.
Frosty Wooldridge. Nov. 29/08

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