Wednesday, December 31, 2008


“Why would anyone vote Green? People vote Green when they see the need for a different approach to governance. An approach where the Earth’s limits are acknowledged, respected and accommodated…” Mike Nickerson

Why do I think that people vote Green? Because they are cognitively challenged murderers. They are guilty of homicide on two counts.

Firstly, most Greens are afflicted with population-myopia. In deference to political correctness they took the “P” out the “IPAT” equation, which was the foundation of environmental comprehension when the movement took off some four decades ago. Greens seem to insist that every incremental increase in human population can be neutralized in its ecological impact by a corresponding diminution in consumption. That if every one lives like Ghandi rather than Gates, the planet and the nation can, and implicitly, should, accommodate more people. The Green slogan can thus be summarized as “More and More People consuming Less and Less”. According to SOA eco-footrpint analysis, for example, the present Canadian population of 33 million might indeed be sustainable. Providing we subsist on the per capita income that Cambodians enjoy, or about $1800 a year. Would that cover the heating bill in Ontario or Manitoba? And what would they do with the spare cash? Buy another loin cloth for their Ghandian wardrobe?

More than that, the global distribution of those people, for Greens, is not apparently an issue. Rather than see Canada as a lifeboat that will capsize if too many foreigners, however needy, however qualified, clamber aboard, they prefer to see Canada as either an aircraft carrier of boundless capacity or Canada as just one passenger on a planetary lifeboat. What they don’t understand is that even a lifeboat of this size cannot stay afloat if too many of the passengers on one side stand up and attempt to sit next to us and our American neighbour. Each immigrant quadruples his GHG emissions upon arrival to the US, and 12.6 acres must be destroyed to support just one of them, an environmental impact 10 to 30 times greater than he had in his country of origin.

Greens also don’t seem to understand that the lifeboat carries non-human passengers as valuable as us. Without biodiversity services, we are dead. We have already jettisoned 25% of them in the last 40 years and 200 every day go over-board to make way for our expansion. An expansion that can be measured by the fact than more humans are born every day than there are primates in all of the world. In Canada’s most populous province, 536 species are at the brink of extinction because they lie at the frontlines of urban sprawl, a phenomena which is fundamentally driven by immigrant-fed population growth. Land use planning, the panacea of growth managers, is a branch plant of real estate developers who own local councils and their planning departments. And “smart growth” strategies are a proven failure in the very areas that have showcased them (eg. Portland, Oregon). Perhaps this is why, when she is not promoting the concentration of Canadians new and old into the feedlots of dense urban living (smart growth), Elizabeth May is talking about settling immigrants into the snows of rural Saskatchewan and the Maritimes.

Here is a “Green” leader who tells us that yes, “growth is the ideology of the cancer cell”, a line coined by Paul Ehrlich, and then argues for a 38% hike in our immigration quota to 330,000 immigrants per year. Be a good green consumer and “Live like Ghandi” by reducing your per capita consumption, while a Green federal government radically increases the number of “per capitas”. This is the Green definition of “sustainability”.

Greens promote growth. The growth in the number of humans, and if that doesn’t necessarily involve an increase in total consumption as some dreamers insist, it certainly involves a loss in biodiversity. A Green Holocaust. Murder. On a grand scale.

Why can’t they see this? Cognitive deficits surely. Bingo. According to a new study from Oxford University, vegetarians and vegans are six times more likely to suffer from brain shrinkage than meat eaters. Cf.
Thus we see a positive feedback loop. Vegetarian, shrinks brain, as a result votes for Green Party which turns a blind eye to population growth and stresses only cut-backs in consumption, leading to more overpopulation, more social pressure to cut out meat to free up land to feed more people, more vegetarian half-wits, who vote for more Greens, who etc. Vegetarianism a scam to produce pea-brain people?

Seriously, a great many Greens are vegetarians, not just for reasons of personal health, by ideological conviction. They make the claim that meat production commits space and resources that might otherwise go to grain production and feed many more people. More people? More people who would breed more people, each one of whom would consume more resources than simply the land that it takes to raise or support livestock. The two vegans that might be sustained by the same unit of land that would only support one carnivore would nevertheless consume more housing, heating, transportation, water and non-food related resources than the purportedly socially irresponsible meat eater. This scale of consumption would only push back the wildlife enclave into more dense and desperate redoubts. It's them or us. We can afford a culling, they can’t.

The PC cult of vegetarianism is simply another kind of efficiency paradox, like that of Jevon’s or Boulding’s Second Theorem. It only provokes more growth and therefore leaves even less room for wildlife. Wildlife does not need “management”. It needs to be left alone. It needs distance from us. Homo sapiens need management, the management of a regional planner like Mr. T. Rex multiplied by one million or two facing a disarmed human population.

In the context of their complicity in the wildlife holocaust, it is curious that Green vegetarians accuse Malthusian omnivores of being insensitive to animals, conflating domestic animals that exist in surplus numbers with those in the wild who cling to a tenuous existence. Actually, I was under the impression that the plants vegetarians are eating were also alive too. In fact I once established an emotional bond with my plants, even talking to them, and when I pulled out a carrot, I found I just couldn’t bring myself to eat him. So I bought my neighbour’s chicken and chopped his fuckin’ head off. Maybe the next head that rolls will be a canvasser with a GP button.

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