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For those with a Malthusian palate who
Would ask Quadra Island Greens
This Question:

Am I helping the environment by being a vegetarian?

IF food production is currently what limits our population…
IF food production that excludes meat can feed more people…
THEN vegetarians are encouraging a population explosion.
IF one vegetarian consumes just as much other resources (EG: heating fuel, transportation fuel, building materials, land to absorb sewage and waste, etc) as one meat-eater…

THEN a world with the maximum number of vegetarians has a larger environmental impact than a world with the maximum number of meat-eaters.

By eating as much meat as possible you will be using up space that otherwise might go to grain production, that would feed more people who would in turn breed more people and crowd out yet more biodiversity. The GHG emissions of those extra people would exceed the GHG emissions from the methane of beef livestock and the footprint of those extra people would surpass the damage done by the livestock as well.

Factored into the equation too, are the Amazonian rainforest land that has been clearcut for soybean cultivation for the tofu market overseas. (Check out National Geographic, Jan. 07)

Thus the politically correct cult of vegetarianism is just another efficiency that leads to higher population growth, thus erasing its alleged collective benefits. It is just another example of the the Jevons Paradox in another form, by practiced by sanctimonius Green hypocrites who chastise meat-eaters for socially irresponsible behaviour. But more than that, it is a scam to produce pea-brained people, “sheeple” with shrunken brains with less capacity to think and reason. According to a new study from Oxford University, vegetarians and vegans are six times more likely to suffer from brain shrinkage than meat eaters. Cf.

Thus we see a positive feedback loop. Vegetarian, shrinks brain, as a result votes for Green Party which turns a blind eye to population growth and stresses only cut-backs in consumption, leading to more overpopulation, more social pressure to cut out meat to free up land to feed more people, more vegetarian half-wits, who vote for more Greens, who etc.


Paul McCartney served (well done) on a buffet of baby seal meat prepared by our chef, H. Lecter. We offer home delivery by a Newfie seal hunter dressed in native costume who will club you at your doorstep into unconsciousness and gaffe you if you bear any resemblance to Paul Watson. If you complain to us, Green Party leader Elizabeth May will apologize---to us.

Alternatively, if you are infirm, our waitress, and Paul’s ex, Heather, a former waitress with “I-Hop”, will bring a portion of Paul right to your table that has not only passed Health Canada’s hygiene standards, but has passed Heather McCartney’s standards, as she has personally taken Sir Paul’s hide to the cleaners. If the food is not to your satisfaction, our new manager, Ms. Sarah Palin, will step outside and nail fresh kill for you.

Our business plan envisages the capture and butchering of Quadra Island’s vegetarian population, which should, by my calculations, suffice for the protein needs of the carnivore population (including cougars/wolves/bears) for some 3 years. Aside from helping our food budget, it should relieve the pressure that our wildlife predators are feeling from human hunters, who would now have an alternative meat source available. It would be especially recreational if this new meat source was released naked in the woods so the hunters would be dissuaded from targeting their usual victims to go after them instead.

Our restaurant also will sell dehydrated take-home high-protein wafers that customers could buy on the way out, labeled with the names of hated former vegetarian neighbours and OCP political enemies from whom the wafers were extracted. Profits from the sale of these items would go to the National Rifle Association in memory of Charlton Heston who starred in that famous and prescient movie, “Solyent Green”.

Remember, “Go Green, Eat Meat!”

Tim Murray,
Owner, The Carnavorium
Quathiaski Cove, BC

How Cannibalism Could Relieve the Pressure on Wildlife and Feed a Sustainable Population: Example

If the 4% of Britain’s population who were vegetarian were fed to those who were not, the carnivores would have enough protein to last for an entire year. The UK would have 58.56 million rather than 61 million people. That would take some pressure off the environment! Assuming each individual on earth averages 150 lbs. (that’s high), if one half of humanity was fed to the other half, that half could survive 136 days alone on the 4 ounces of protein required to survive. Imagine what 136 days respite would do for our wild animal and fish stocks? In fact, why stop at 3.5 billion? Many indigenous cultures in the South Pacific islands lived in steady-state bliss by this “waste not, want not” philosophy, so what are we waiting for? Why confine organ donation to body parts? Let’s be rational here.

If this Swiftian proposal strikes the humanitarian sadists in the human rights and environmental movement as outrageous, what do you call people who want to exterminate wildlife worldwide by crowding it out with an exponentially growing human monoculture, ending in misery and starvation that they think can be cured by cutting out meat rather than cutting out breeding.

A comment from a potential customer?
Re. meat and vegetarian diets and their B12 deficits
• At the dawn of man, we humans got our asses kicked by every major animal in the kingdom. Early humans were pathetic gatherers who died young, usually at the claws of a predator. Then we figured out how to kill our first animal, and the sudden intake of meat exploded our brain sizes. Our new FUNCTIONAL brains figured out fire, and once we started cooking meat (and subsequently eating more of it) we rose quickly to be the controlling species in charge of an entire planet. It's because of meat eaters that vegetarians have a chance to live, in other words. Those who eat meat grow stronger, leaner, and smarter than those who don't. It is as simple as that. Just look at us humans today. And yes, fatty meats add fat and cholesterol to the diet. Duh. Some moderation (or better yet--lots and lots of lean meat) fix that problem instantly.
By the way, what's the logic of eating something unhealthy and having to take lots of supplements and vitamins just to make it passable as nutrition? Would a balanced diet, say, a salad, a burger, some potatoes, a pretty little rainbow of colorful veggies, and a glass of juice or milk be much healthier than a salad with a side of drugs?
Avoiding meat is unhealthy--every vegetarian I've ever seen looked emaciated and as strong as a 12-month-old. Tall, perhaps, but with a weight of 100 pounds soaking wet.

Got to say one thing, though: It's nice to live in a country where people have the choice of starvation.

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