Monday, November 10, 2008

TAKE ME OFF YOUR LIST! PC Canadian Demands Total Immunity From Threatening Ideas

(Preface: Soft-green and centre-left organizations inundate Canadians with unsolicited emails and dinner time phone calls that can't be terminated by repeated pleadings. Yet when the individuals who belong to these organizations are in turn subject to our emails, demanding answers or presenting counter-arguments to theirs, they scream that their privacy rights have been abused. Such was the case on November 9/08 when Brishen Hoff of Biodiversity First sent our material to a CBC mailing list of soft green supporters.)

I was sitting at my desk this afternoon when, all of a sudden, an unsolicited email appeared on my computer monitor. Good Lord! It contained ideas which challenged by Politically Correct Belief System! How could the media gatekeepers let this get through? I know the earth is flat and the CBC has allowed a skeptic to upset my intellectual and emotional applecart with the notion that it is a sphere. Remove him! Remove him I say!

In no time flat, the email leapt up and bit me. The pain was such that I was forced to seek medical attention and I was motivated to discover legal recompense. Sure enough, there it was, under the “I have a Constitutional right never to have my Politically Correct comfort zone disturbed Act.” Penalties include detainment in a CBC studio for up 6 months and being forced to listen to at least 6 hours of Mother Corp’s programming every day, only to emerge with a completely distorted view of what is happening in the world.

So I am resolved to proceed with charges under the Act. Just who do these spammers think they are? Sierra Club members who send emails and newsletters out to you relentlessly despite enumerable pleadings for them to stop? The federal NDP, who do the same? The very organizations, which I venture to say, most of those people on the CBC mailing list, the “One Million Acts of Green List”, mostly likely support.

And just where do these spammers think they live, anyway? In some sort of a democracy? In a free marketplace of competing ideas?

It is time they heard the truth. They live in a Secular Theocratic Multicultural Growthist One-Party State where everyone has an iron-clad right TO HEAR NO EVIL, SEE NO EVIL.

I for one, don’t ever want to read or hear that immigrant-driven population growth is a crucial variable of environmental degradation in Canada. Just leave me alone with my fluorescent light bulbs and conservation tips.

PS Oh, I forgot. I do have an option to simply delete the offending Malthusian email virus and send it to electronic oblivion. But that would take all of .03 seconds---enough of a window to penetrate my consciousness while my guard was down. My belief system is too fragile to stand up to the competition. It was incubated in the hothouse of Canadian intellectual protectionism. You know, college and university speech codes, PC journalism schools and CBC moderators.

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