Sunday, November 23, 2008


Brishen Hoff in “How to Live in A Sustainable World” has explained that our civilization and its massive overpopulation is founded on unsustainable agriculture, and that since cultivation agriculture began we have degraded the earth’s capacity by at least half. Consequently, by all rights, the planet should only be able to sustain half the number of people that lived when humans were hunter-gatherers. That is, 2.5 million. Canada’s share of the pie would then be 12,313 people. Not a number that would go down well with the Conference Board of Canada.

However, while that population level may be sustainable for the environment, it is, I am afraid, not sustainable for the Sierra Club, the Suzuki Foundation or any of the other environmental NGOs. I rather think that their optimum number would be around 50 million, not 12,313. Besides, hunter-gatherers are notorious for not signing up for PAC form arrangements and falling for those “Save the blank” poster-child endangered species sucker-of-the-month one-off donation scams that these groups perpetually pull.

What use would the Sierra Club have for a Canada of 12,313 people? Why would a Sierra Club bureaucrat want the government to shut down immigration and end child benefits? It would cut down on his workload and threaten his job security. GHG emissions would drop 25%, over 500 species at risk in southern Ontario would suddenly be safe and ten mammals in the Fraser Valley could also relax. Our paid Green crusader would begin to feel like the Maytag repairman. Then the dupes who paid his salary would wise up. “Hey, it looks like we didn’t need this night watchman after all, he was napping most of the time anyway.”

At that point, the Green bureaucrat will be faced with a dilemma. He will either have to do what we have been doing. Volunteer countless hours of his own time. Or find another line of work related to his own previous experience. Mopping the floor of corporate Canada while whistling his happy positive tune, but never once stopping to turn the tap off as the water kept gushing over it.

A sustainable Canada would put a lot of “environmentalists” out of work.

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