Saturday, November 1, 2008


This looks ominous. I notice that Harper’s new minister for immigration is no longer called the “Minister for Citizenship and Immigration” as Diane Finley was. Jason Kenny has been anointed as the “Minister for Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism”. The insertion of the word “multiculturalism” is a critical clue as to the purpose of this government’s immigration policy. Or is it a smokescreen for the corporate agenda to shove greater numbers of cheap labour and consumers into the insatiable market economy they preside over?

The Royal Bank of Canada and its governor are both a weathervane and a vanguard for multicultural growthism. They not only lobby for substantial increases in immigration quotas, but aggressive recruitment in “non-traditional” sectors like Asia for mercenary reasons. The inverse of the “White Australia Policy”. The Conference Board of Canada is also a strident advocate of ridiculous hikes in immigration levels, which, owing to the current immigrant selection process, must of necessity discriminate against skilled European entrants. Consequently about 60% of immigrants speak neither English nor French. Quite a shocking result for a government that argues that immigration is necessary to fill a skills shortage, since fluency in at least one of our official languages is the most important vocational skill. How will such people support pensioners with incomes earned delivering pizzas or flipping hamburgers? Scratch another rationale for immigration. Oh well, at least their carbon footprints will meet the Canadian average, eh?

I have no idea what Jason Kenny feels about this. But I can guess. His previous portfolio was “Secretary of State for Multiculturalism and Canadian Identity.” For “Multiculturalism”, read, “Butt-Kissing Ethnic Lobbies”. And as for as “Canadian Identity” is concerned, his government, and the ten that preceded it, have done a pretty good job of killing it with mass immigration. It is one thing to add foreign spice to the meat on your plate---it makes for a lively dish---it is quite another for the waiter to dump a two kilogram bag of salt on it without your permission.

I truly suspect though, that Mr. Kenny does not realize that the real Canadian identity issues not from the cosmopolitan cultures that coalesce in the unsustainable consumerism of the ubiquitous shopping malls of urban Canada, but in the dwindling wilderness his government is helping to destroy. Without wilderness, without wildlife, with pristine lakes and rivers, without our soul, what are we, that some other nation isn’t?

His portfolio should be renamed. The Ministry of Population Myopia and Unmitigated Ruin.

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