Sunday, July 26, 2009


I just caught a fraction of another of those famous CBC News 15 documentaries. Brian McDonald hosted this one. It was about African food aid. This statement jumped out at me. “The problem (with world hunger) is not that there is a lack of food. In fact there is now 20% more food produced per capita now than there was 30 years ago.” Oh no, for the leftists and liberals, there is always “enough to go around”. It is all down to maldistribution. In this case, MacDonald said, it was because the very poor lack the means to purchase it. Several problems were enumerated, but corrupt and incompetent government was cited as the main cause.

Hasn’ t the CBC heard of Peak Oil? Don’t they realize that that 20% increase in food productivity was achieved by oil-based agriculture? What about declining aquifers?

McDonald said there always will be enough food produced for growing numbers of people. Not to worry then, about population growth. Democracy and honesty in government will meet the challenges ahead.

Tim Murray
July 8/09

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