Tuesday, September 9, 2008


At 9pm on Tuesday evening (Sept 8/08) the phone rang. I instantly recognized the automated voice of NDP leader Jack Layton. He spent about 15 seconds telling me that it was time for a change. He used what is becoming a hackneyed phrase. A phrase dreamed up by a speech-writer describing how different Obama’s Democrats were from the Republicans, despite the fact that Wall Street gave more campaign money to the Democrats. The phrase was “listening to the concerns of the kitchen table rather than the board room table.”

But the board room table wants lots of immigration and that is what Jack wants too. The people that Jack claims to be fighting for, the ordinary working people though, don’t want that. But they’re not running the unions that send campaign workers and money to the NDP. Seeing that Harper, Dion, May and Layton are all pulling in the same direction, it seems senseless for them to waste so much money on campaign spending.

Why not have all the parties campaign together under one banner with this slogan: “MORE PEOPLE, MORE GROWTH” That way they can pool their resources and run a cost effective campaign, and clear up this confusion, this charade that there exists some fundamental difference between left, right and centre in this country

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