Saturday, September 13, 2008


Each night at the observatory I have spent countless hours pointing my telescope in the direction of Green party and environmentalist galaxies in the forelorn hope that one night, just one night in my life, I might record a signal of intelligent life.

Imagine my exhilaration when earlier this week a signal bounced back from Esquimalt B.C. and another from Guelph, Ontario. Two carbon-based life forms by the name of Brian Gordon and Bill Hulet are running for the Green Party of Canada in the federal election of 2008. And can you believe this. They both believe that immigrant-driven population growth has a major role to play in the environmental degradation of our country. The mantra of reducing consumption and "Living like Ghandhi" is not the only song in the Green playbook after all----at least not for everyone.

The big question is, how marginal are their voices? Their views are radically misaligned with those of leader Elizabeth May, the population myopic. As scornful as I am of the Green Party, if you follow the debate in the link provided, you must agree with me, no other party would even entertain the questions discussed here. Certainly not the NDP, for whom the words "carrying capacity" are not even in their dictionary. Brian Gordon deserves credit for putting this issue forward. Read on.

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