Saturday, April 11, 2009


The PC cult of vegetarianism is just another efficiency that leads to higher population growth, thus erasing its alleged collective benefits. By allowing more people to be fed from a given parcel of land, it accommodates population growth. More people fed, more people left to breed. These extra vegans will exact a greater environmental toll than the fewer number of omnivores who were fed by the “inefficient” allotment of land for grazing beef, now assigned to grain production. The constraints applied by scarce agricultural land are one of the crucial limiting factors that check population growth. In this, vegetarianism is just another example of Jevons paradox in another form, but practiced by sanctimonius Green hypocrites who chastise meat-eaters for socially irresponsible behaviour, while typically harbouring domestic cats and dogs who consume meat.

Tim Murray
April 11/09

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