Saturday, March 21, 2009

When are Obama Groupies Going to Wake Up to the Truth?

Last year I reported that Barack Obama received over $380 million in campaign donations from Wall Street corporations (see and ) . For every two dollars McCain received, Obama received three from America’s puppeteers. This kind of information is freely available at Yet liberals refuse to do the homework and follow the money trail. They prefer to live and die with their comfortable belief that Republicans are the party of plutocrats and that Democrats are the advocates of the poor and the down-trodden. Progressive rhetoric alone trumps reality every time. History has always shown that the Democrats talk like Robespierre but govern like Louis XVI. They are but one faction of the one-party globalist state. Tweedledee to Tweedledum. But my, can they talk a good game or what.

Now take a look at the donations made by corporate welfare bum par excellence, Goldman Sachs, who received BILLIONS in bailout money courtesy of the US Treasury, the piggy bank that middle and working class Americans largely built up. That’s Goldman Sachs, which supplied two Secretaries of the Treasury, Paulson and Rubin, who is the mentor to Obama’s advisor Larry Summers. Bear in mind, these figures, as displayed in, are not inclusive of any billions provided secretly by the Federal Reserve or the billions funneled through AIG. Don’t take my word, check out the link.

Could Barack Obama's acceptance of money from Goldman Sachs explain Obama's silence on immigrant-driven population growth? Absolutely. It is no surprise that Obama should want to lay down a path to citizenship for the twelve to twenty million illegal immigrants that he claims would be too expensive to deport---a conventional falsehood belied by the $338 billion in costs incurred by them annually as compared to the $41-46 billion that the National Policy Institute 2005 report stated would be spent each year for five years of deportation. So if President Obama thinks that their apprehension and deportation are expensive, try the alternative of paying for hospital care, education and law enforcement. As the NPI report put it, “no matter how high the cost of mass deportation would be, the costs of not deporting them are larger still.” Unfortunately, those costs are born by taxpayers, not financial institutions, developers and employers of undocumented workers. Agribusiness, the home-building industry and cheap labour employers are well represented in the donation statements provided by

Large financial institutions are keen on population growth so that a few CEOs can grow their profits by growing the number of consumers. Why do you think David Suzuki accepts money from The Royal Bank of Canada and is silent on the number one cause of environmental damage in Canada (namely overpopulation and immigration-driven-population-growth)? Because The Royal Bank of Canada wants to see even more population growth. More than that, they want to see more immigration from South Asian and Chinese regions, as reflected in their disposition of foreign branches. Asians save more than average Canadians and take on larger mortgages.

A look at the political contributions made by Canada’s five largest banks is most revealing. To cite the most recent financial reports filed by the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada in 2003, these financial goliaths shelled out $475,985.98 to the Liberals, Conservatives and the party that later merged with the Conservatives, the Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance. The Royal Bank led the way with $105,554.90. Never factored into these totals are the unseen perks made available to politicians for their support. The tickets to sporting events, the dinners and those directorships that seem to fall into the laps of retired cabinet ministers.Political Parties' Financial Reports

Barack Obama is nothing special. Wall Street needed an African-American to front their agenda of growing the cheap labour pool and the number of consumers. The needed healing that he will provide by breaking down historical racial barriers and stereotypes, while inspirational and laudable, will not offset the ultimate hardship engendered by population-induced environmental collapse. Obama has been bought out by the growth machine and will therefore never strive for the rapid population decline in America that is a necessary pre-condition to sustainability. When are Obama Groupies Going to Wake Up to the Truth?

Tim Murray
March 21/09
© copywrite.

Goldman Sachs Political Donations
Money to Congress: 2008 Cycle

House # of Members Average Contribution Total Contributions
102 $4,590 $468,200
66 $3,800 $250,851
Independents 0 $0 $0
TOTAL 168 $4,280 $719,051
The US House of Representatives has 435 members.
23 $75,311 $1,732,175
Senate # of Members Average Contribution Total Contributions
25 $19,119 $477,995
Independents 0 $0 $0
TOTAL 48 $46,045 $2,210,170
The US Senate has 100 members.

Top Recipients
Senate Obama, Barack
Senate Clinton, Hillary
Presidential Romney, Mitt
Senate McCain, John
House Himes, Jim
Senate Dodd, Chris
Presidential Giuliani, Rudolph W
Presidential Edwards, John
Senate Specter, Arlen
House Emanuel, Rahm
Senate Sununu, John E
Senate Reed, Jack
House Skelly, Michael Peter
Senate Baucus, Max
Senate Harkin, Tom
Senate Lautenberg, Frank R
Senate Collins, Susan M
Senate Warner, Mark
Senate Landrieu, Mary L
House Gillibrand, Kirsten E
See all recipients

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