Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Canadian Election Results
Conservatives 143 seats
Liberals 76 seats
BQ 50 seats
NDP 37 seats
INP 2seats
Green 0 seats

1. All four parties lost the election. It is another minority government.
2. The Liberals, with their phony “green shift”, in reality a shift into neutral because of their support of immigration policies which would wipe out any gains from carbon taxes, lost 18 seats.
3. Elizabeth May, leader of the counterfeit Green Party, was kept out of parliament when she lost to Conservative Peter Mckay in Nova Scotia. My “strategic” donation was well spent.
4. My own NDP MP, Catherine Bell, lost to Conservative John Duncan. This was like a dagger driven into the heart of politically correct soft greens. Without her as a rallying point, so many of their pet causes will find no patron. Maybe free speech might stand a chance in my community. A contrarian opinion might be heard and printed.
5. Only 58.3% of registered voters voted, the lowest turnout in history. This is not only a resounding rebuke of the alternatives offered, but, I believe of the system of representative “democracy”. Why must I delegate my power to them in the first place? It is assumed that those who don’t vote are apathetic and have deserted their “democratic’ responsibility. I offer an alternative explanation. Perhaps it is those who vote who desert their democratic responsibility by giving legitimacy to them and their system. Have you considered that the 41.7% who didn’t vote are not apathetic but simply wise to the futility of lending credibility to one of these frauds?

Ah yes, but we must make a choice, we are told. Not between black and white but between shades of grey. Really? A choice between McDonalds, Wendy’s, and Arby’s? What if we prefer to fast rather than wolf down fast-food and then purge at leisure? What if we prefer NOT to vote for any of the four GROWTHIST parties and their QUICK MASS IMMIGRATION FIX as a remedy for whatever ails Canadian society. Need skilled labour? Fly in immigrants. Need to support an aged population? Fly in immigrants. Need to stimulate the economy? Fly in immigrants. Need to win over the ethnic vote for our party? Fly in immigrants.

But we don’t need the Economic Council of Canada, the C.D. Howe Institute, the former Director of the Canadian Immigration Service James Bissett , Professor Don DeVoretz of SFU, Dr. Herbert Grubel of SFU or Dr. Michael Healey of UBC or Statscan to file any reports to tell us that immigration is of no net benefit to Canadian society. It is costing us wages, jobs, 60,000 acres of prime farmland a year and putting over 500 endangered species at risk, as well as causing the emission of close to ten million metric tonnes of green house gasses annually.

Those of us who stayed home and didn’t vote actually cast our votes tonight. We cast our votes twice. Once against the growthist one-party state coalition of Conservative-Liberal-NDP-Green, and at the same time, against the system of representative “democracy”.

Call me misguided. But don’t call me apathetic.

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