Saturday, June 21, 2008


On September 22, 2006 an Australian interviewer asked Dr. David Suzuki on public airways, “Are you saying that Australia is overpopulated?” Suzuki replied, “You bet”.

To date, May 28, 2008, he has not given any indication that it is his belief that Canada is overpopulated. Publicly that is. Privately he has revealed to the Population Institute of Canada by correspondence that that indeed is his position. But he won’t take a public stance. Why not?

He knows that Canada has a limited carrying capacity. He has spoken of it many times. His foundation is aware that only 7% of our land base is arable, and that land is marginal by West European standards. And the Suzuki Foundation knows that a fifth of our best farmland has been built upon. So why hasn’t he spoken out? He can go down to Australia and tell them they are overpopulated, but he can’t tell us that we are overpopulated?

Tim Flannery had the guts---at one time----to tell the truth about Australia’s carrying capacity. But Canada’s opposite number doesn’t. That is the difference.

Perhaps someone can interview Flannery here in Canada and get him to tell the truth to Canadians----since no one of eminence or credibility with a Canadian passport has the courage to be candid about population growth in this country.


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