Wednesday, March 19, 2008

GOD FORBID IF THE CBC RAN ANYTHING (I doubt if the ABC or the BBC are much different)

This from Brishen Hoff:

CBC seems ignorant of limits when it comes to immigration, as though Canada is an unlimited bottomless pit for immigrants. If they ran a grocery store, they would be charging the same for a 5kg sack of flour as a 10 kg sack, because apparently quantity is irrelevant.

If the CBC ran a restaurant with tables to seat 100 they would take reservations for 200 and ask their customers to hold their plate and eat while standing in the lobby. Once again, CBC is ecologically illiterate! If CBC raised rabbits, the SPCA would shut them down for trying to put 10 rabbits in a cage designed for 5.

CBC has never discussed the possibility that there may be more valid refugee cases of people wanting into Canada than what Canada's land could possibly support.

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