Monday, February 18, 2008


This from The Toronto of Saturday, February 16/08.

Long-distance telephone marriages can be dialed up under sharia law and then used to sponsor loved ones into Canada, Muslim leaders say.
Two Muslim leaders have told the Toronto Sun, telephone marriages are permissible under Islamic law and require two witnesses and imams here and abroad to conduct the vows, which may have the bride in Pakistan and the groom in Toronto.
Once completed, a marriage certificate is obtained abroad legitimately in Muslim countries and can be used by the groom for sponsoring his new wife to Canada, one Mississauga imam said.
Mumtaz Ali, of the Canadian Association of Muslims, said he conducted a telephone marriage between a student in Toronto and his about-to-be wife in India.
"He was a university student and couldn't leave," Ali said. "It is a civil contract and the vows were conducted over the phone."
A marriage certificate was obtained and the student was able to sponsor his wife to Canada, he said.
That's just great now, isn't it? Wait until CIDA gives every Muslim villager in Pakistan, India, Indonesia, and Central Asia a cell phone as part of a Canadian foreign aid package. And we're worried about our fertility rate? The scope for fraud here is endless, and the immigration door will never be able to be shut.
Even the Aussies, intent as they are upon burying their drought-stricken lands under a mass of subdivisions to house the endless millions that developers, human rights activists and other factions in the growthist coalition lobby to bring into Australia have some standards..When the current Prime Minister Kevin Ruddock was immigration minister in the country’s previous Labor government in the mid 90s, he told a Melbourne audience of his rule that sponsored spouses had a least to have met each other once.
Let’s put this into perspective. At this point Canada has a foreign-born population of 18% going on 48%, while America has a foreign-born population of 12-13% and nudging upward. With 11% of the population of the United States Canada takes in 260,000 immigrants annually, while America about 1.3 million. If Canada were take the same number of immigrants as the United States per capita it would admit less than half what it does now, or 143.000 people. And yet who is the one screaming about immigration? Now you know why the Thirteen Colonies booted those arrogant British prigs out on their royal asses and we took them in—together with their predilection for top down government..
The two cultures are best compared by approaching Customer Service in any major store in Canada and then the United States. The Canadian experience is often an adventure in denial, neglect or a war in attrition---the customer serves the retailer because the latter is conditioned to expect a customer who is not demanding or aggressive, but Canadian.(ie. polite)
The multicultural ethic is the perfect extension of the stereotypically polite Canadian archetype: willing to adapt to the newcomer rather than demand that he adapt, willing to criticize home-grown culture but never that of the new comer. Americans, on the other hand, still retain a residue of revolutionary spirit and an unwillingness just not to take it any more, whether it is poor service in a department store or an immigration policy so outrageous that organizations have popped up all over the land to fight it.
(Note CIDA refers to Canadian International Development Agency)

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