Wednesday, May 2, 2007


The same way of thinking that got us into these environmental problems is not going to get us out.

All I hear in the news is how we are looking for alternative energy sources. (obviously to prop up more population growth)

Whatever energy humans have been able to exploit, they've used it to grow their population, which only makes them more dependent on new energy sources.

If humans did stumble upon a source of energy more abundant than oil, there would be a population explosion that would rapidly wipe out the earth's natural capital.

Here is an example of how alternative energies combined with Canada's mass immigration only make matters worse.

There is a 900 acre Solar panel farm planned near Sarnia, Ontario.

According to: the solar farm will generate 40 megawatts or provide power to 6,000 homes.

From 2004-2005 Canada netted 244,600 immigrants. (even higher in 2005-2006, but we'll go with this conservative estimate)

Since there is about 2.6 people per household in Canada as of 2001 ( ) ...

6,000 homes accounts for domestic electricity for only 15600 people.

In other words, this technological marvel will be cancelled out after 23 days of immigration.

In less than 1 month of business-as-usual immigration, this solar farm will in fact have a negative net environmental benefit!

When 15,600 immigrants are added in those 23 days, there will be a huge negative environmental effect since:

-the construction of this solar electricity plant consumed a lot of fossil fuels and exhausted a lot of GHG emissions
-the farm land that the solar panel site has taken over is lost forever, thereby increasing our reliance on food imports
-the immigrants will consume in many other ways besides household electricity (water, electronics, air-travel, paper products, etc) thereby pushing more species into extinction and paving over more greenspace.

Brishen Hoff

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