Thursday, January 25, 2007


The Green Party is a masterpiece of contradictions. It argues that “continuing growth in GLOBAL consumption, population and material inequity must be halted and reversed.”

But nationally it argues for the import of 300,000 of new consumers to Canada annually.

Yet individual members like Ontario Green Party leader Frank De Jong admits that globally the planet can only viably support a billion people and Canada itself is over-populated by anywhere from a factor of four to ten. But he won’t post his position on any public website.

So the Greens are for both sustainability and growth—all things to all people. Sound familiar? Why bother.


kelley said...

Tim, not true. The below is posted on the GPO site. Frank

"In order to survive as a species we must match our space, energy and material demands to the carrying capacity of the Earth. For other species to flourish we must reduce our population and consumption levels in order to reduce our ecological footprint in the neighbourhood of 80%."

Richard said...

So then why is there no call to end immigration Kelly?

ericbwalton said...

The fundamental error in the position advanced by Tim Murray in his anti-immigration position is the idea that Canada could thrive ecologically (let alone socially!) as a nation state version of the "gated community".

Sorry to burst that bubble but the ecological "lifeboat" that will be swamped (or not ) is the planet in its entirety. It would be more accurate to view Canada as an integral piece of the ecological lifeboat that is Earth. National borders will not protect us from the many impacts of climate change and environmental breakdown (not to mention conflict!).

We had better focus our full efforts on addressing the dangerous combination of global population growth combined with the increasing imitation/export of our high consumption "Western" development model or we are all in very big trouble.

Circling the Canadian wagons and looking inwards to a misguided notion of self-interest will effectively remove Canada from any possibility of playing an effective international role in advancing vital global ideas and effort. I'm afraid Its "Global or Bust", anything else is a delusion of national security.

Eric Walton - former Green Party of Canada Foreign Affairs Shadow Cabinet Critic and current GPC SC Industry Critic .